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Custom Blinds Thornhill

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Blinds Thornhill

Blinds Thornhill

Custom Made Blinds Thornhill

BEST Price, Quality and Service.

Price:  We make everything in our factory passing the savings to you

Quality: We use the best fabrics and have 50 years experience

Service: We offer a 3 – 7 day turn around time.

This is where you happen to be in luck as you’ve ended up on this website on your hunt. CRAZY JOES has spent over 50 years serving the people of Toronto with service and an eclectic variety of affordably and is situated in Toronto. Our team designs all our custom and respectful drapery products and fabricated here in Canada. Also, we carry a selection of blinds shutters and window treatments from the most important and most.

If it comes to window treatments generally and especially drapery Thornhill there could be a good deal of confusion over where you need to be buying it from and which option is ideal for you. With all the advertisement you’re constantly bombarded with and the overabundance of conflicting information which is spread across all corners of the internet, it can be tough to distinguish the reality from the fiction. In circumstances such as this, the option that is ideal appears to be going with an established firm with a knowledgeable and friendly staff that are prepared to help you.

By combining both of these sides of the company we’ve been able to supply what they will need to supply you to our group of design consultants. Our staff knows that layout styles chambers and tastes come into play if locating the shutter, drapery or blind . While you’re there, do not neglect to determine when you searching for a deal on a fabric or that materials we have draperies.

Blinds Thornhill

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