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Window treatments are needed in your home? Consider carefully what you choose as it determines the amount of natural light and air that is available to you. You can choose customized window coverings if you aren’t satisfied with the ready-mades.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s examine the benefits of custom draperies.

1. Variety of Fabrics

Choosing from a wide variety of fabrics is one of the benefits of custom draperies. Thus, you will be able to customize your new window treatments to your heart’s content. Something made of linen or light cotton could be the perfect choice for rooms that could benefit from a more casual style.

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Velvet drapes, on the other hand, could be what you’re looking for if you want something more formal and dramatic.

2. Precise Measurements

The draperies on your windows are custom made to fit them. In big box stores or retail chains, window treatments are available in limited sizes, designs, and colors. Window coverings that don’t fit properly don’t provide adequate privacy or sun protection.

Custom Made Drapes

By obtaining custom draperies, you can ensure that your windows are fitted perfectly.

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They can be made as long or short as you wish.

3. Unique Shapes

A custom drapery is also beneficial for people with a window that is unusually shaped or of a non-standard size. Our custom curtains can be made wide enough to fit a bay window and we can also make curtains to fit extra wide windows.

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4. Durability

A custom drapery and top treatment can last up to twice as long as ready-made curtains. High-quality craftsmanship makes sure your window treatments are durable and long-lasting.

5. Additional Options

Custom drapery projects would not be complete without drapery accessories. Our drapery hardware experts can help you with your custom drapery project. A unique look is achieved for every room with soft window treatments such as flowing drapes, valances, and top treatments. As an additional option, you can also layer valances with other custom draperies to create a completely different look. Besides the fact that the pieces can be paired with trims, buttons, or tassels, one of the benefits of custom drapery is the option to make them even more personalized.

custom Curtains Toronto
custom Curtains Toronto
Drapery Store Toronto
Blinds Store Toronto

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