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Custom Made Blinds Oakville

Blinds Oakville

Why buy Blinds from Crazy Joe’s Blinds and Drapery?

The main points are because of price, quality and service. 

How is Crazy Joe’s able to give a better price than other competitors. This is simple. Crazy Joe’s Blinds and Drapery has been in business for over 50 years. We have created good relationships with suppliers and able to get discounted pricing from them. Also we make all our own products in our own factory. This gives us the ability for price control. We can create a great style at a great price.


How is Crazy Joe’s able to have better quality products than the competition. This is simple as well. We use the same designer fabrics as a lot of the other companies, however we create everything in our own factory. This gives us control over stitching and how everything is put together. We have 50 years of quality control. See our over 200 reviews and compare that to our competitors. This shows what makes the difference.


50 years in business has gained us the knowledge of what the customer wants. Customers like fast turn around time. We make everything in our factory and are able to give you a 3 – 7 day turn around time. While keeping great quality and price. Big box stores are not able to do this. 


Call us direct and we will make a no obligation visit to your home to help you choose the right product and look. 
See our Gallery  or our home stars or google reviews. We have over 200 five star reviews.

We have a motto at Crazy Joe’s — “If you didn’t shop at Crazy Joe’s you paid too much” . And this is the truth as we use the same designer fabrics and are able to create the same style, but we offer the best price and quality.


For the best price, quality and service in Oakville Call Joe Direct

FOR THE BEST PRICE: 647-878-4459

Best Price, Quality and Service on Custom Blinds Oakville

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