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A Trusted Name in Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments, choosing the best blinds and curtains that Whitby has to offer can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to find a company that can provide high-quality products and exceptional service. Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds is a reputable company that has been serving the Whitby area for over 50 years, offering custom-made blinds and curtains that cater to every customer’s needs.

Crazy Joe’s

Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds has built a reputation for providing top-notch window treatments to residents of Whitby and the surrounding areas. With a wide selection of blinds and curtains to choose from, customers can find the perfect match for their home décor and personal style. The company prides itself on its attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a trusted name in the industry.

Custom-Made Blinds for Every Home

One of the key advantages of choosing Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds is the ability to have custom-made blinds created to fit any window size or shape. Whether you’re looking for roller blinds, vertical blinds, or Venetian blinds, the company can provide a solution that meets your specific needs. With a focus on quality and durability, Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds ensures that each set of blinds is made to last.

A Wide Selection of Curtains to Choose From

In addition to blinds, Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds also offers a wide selection of curtains. From sheer curtains that let in natural light to blackout curtains that provide privacy and block out unwanted light, there is something for everyone. The company also offers a variety of patterns, colours, and materials to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect curtains for any room in your home.

Professional Installation Services

Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds also offers professional installation services to ensure that your blinds and curtains are installed correctly. With experienced technicians on staff, the company can guarantee that your window treatments will be installed with precision and care. This added service provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that their window treatments will function properly and look great for years to come.

Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Service

One of the biggest concerns for customers when choosing window treatments is the cost. Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds offers competitive pricing on all of their products and services, making it an affordable option for those looking to update their home décor. In addition, the company’s exceptional customer service sets them apart from the competition. From the initial consultation to the final installation, Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds ensures that each customer is satisfied with their experience.


In conclusion, Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds is the go-to choice for the best blinds and curtains Whitby has to offer. With a wide selection of custom-made blinds and curtains, professional installation services, and competitive pricing, the company provides customers with everything they need to enhance their home’s aesthetic and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a new set of blinds or curtains, Crazy Joe’s Drapery and Blinds is the perfect choice for all of your window treatment needs.

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