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Custom Blinds Toronto

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Custom Blinds Toronto

WHY Crazy Joe’s Blinds and Drapery SERVICE IN TORONTO?

Here at crazy joes we’ve enjoyed nearly two decades working with beautiful Toronto window coverings made of designer fabrics. We know how important it is to combine splendor with the ability to increase productivity, so we describe highly satisfying manufacturers achieving a certain level of customer satisfaction.

Superior premium products are essential to providing window coverings as well as blinds, awnings and shade to our customers throughout Toronto. For this reason, we use our fun, our track reviews and our power shopping as a licensed supplier to harvest high-quality window covering structures to dazzle the progressive decor preferences of our private and industrial customers.

Crazy Joes offers a large collection of expensive blinds  for interior windows, blinds, exterior blinds, roman blinds, zebra roller blinds, various motorized and northern structures for sun safety.

Visit our web site, view some of our products, and contact our sales team to discuss your unique needs.

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    Custom Drapes North York


    Call Us: 905-848-2181


    Drapery North York
    Are you looking for new window coverings for your home in North York? Custom curtains and other drapery are available from CRAZY JOES Drapery.

    Our custom curtains and other drapery are made from strong, beautiful materials. They will not only look fantastic as they adorn your windows, but they will also stand the test of time. You will love walking into each room of your home and seeing these beautiful additions to your home décor.

    If you would like to go the extra mile and decorate your home according to the time of year, or if you already have window coverings that are appropriate to one time of year but need ones that are better suited for another, we can help you with that as well. We have drapery for every season, so you can choose among options that will help your home to change with the time of year. Whether you are looking for bright pastels to capture the budding life of spring or thick curtains for winter to help insulate your home, we have exactly what you need.


    If you are ready to get the perfect custom curtains or other drapery for your home in North York, call us today with whatever questions you may have or to schedule your free consultation.

    When you call us to inquire about custom curtains or other drapery, we will ask if you would like us to schedule a free in-home consultation so that we can offer you the best possible advice. During that consultation, one of our experts will assess your home décor and make recommendations as to what would look best with it. While we are confident that you will be happy with those recommendations, you are more than welcome to give us feedback so that we can provide you with something that is more to your liking.


    motorized blinds for sale


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      Custom Drapes Woodbridge

      patio door blinds


      In Woodbridge, we will be able to provide you with the right type of drapery products that you will be looking for regarding your home renovations and your new home purchases. Let us at Crazy Joe’s show you how you can save big in Brampton and see how one of our home decorators will transform your home with our high quality drapery products in Woodbridge become something that you will be very happy with.

      Other products that we provide include window blinds, curtains, drapery hardware, shades and so much more. Contact us today and visit our showroom. We provide you with great Drapery Woodbridge products, great service and all at ultra competitive pricing. We offer services in Woodbridge, there are so many drapery locations that you can choose from, so let Crazy Joes’s show you that we are different from the rest.

      Some of the areas that we service that includes Woodbridge drapery, is also Mississauga, North York, Scarborough, Vaughan, Newmarket and Woodbridge within the GTA. We can offer you with ready made drapery in Brampton, or custom Brampton drapery, whatever you need, we have and we can provide. All of our drapery Brampton that we sell in manufactured within the GTA and Toronto, not elsewhere, so quality is our priority and you will be sure to find the highest quality in drapery Brampton selection from Crazy Joe’s.

      From a modern looking drapery to traditional and classic looking products for your home, let one of our home decorator?s present you with many ideas that will help you provide an upgrade to your home and cosmetically make your home look as appealing as possible. We offer you with specials on our website, so when contacting us, be sure to mention this promo with one of our representatives.Woodbridge

      motorized blinds for sale


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        Custom Drapes Mississauga


        Benefits of seeking a quote at the planning stage
        Set realistic budget requirements for your curtains and blinds.
        Reveal options that may not be available once the build is complete.

        Choose from 2 options
        Indicative option
        We can price using an indicative option for a range of blinds and an indicative price range for curtain fabrics.

        Consultant led
        Based on the plans, products and/or fabrics are selected for the windows during a visit from one of our local consultants.

        Please note: the final price for both options is dependent on a final check measure and consolidation of the quote.

        We recommend involving your crazy joe’s professional consultant from the earliest stage so they can get an understanding of what you would like and the look you want to achieve. They can also advise on best practice options to ensure your builder locates timber in the correct place for fixing your curtain tracks or blinds.

        The finished product
        All of our curtains and blinds are crafted here in Toronto, so you can rest assured the quality will be unsurpassed, designed to not just last, but to look fantastic for years to come.

        motorized blinds for sale


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          sheer curtains


          Sheers can be used on their own, although we recommend this mainly for windows in non-living areas (eg. hallways, entryways, stairwells, etc.) as they offer no insulating or light blocking properties. Sheers are also the perfect partner with curtains (not suitable with blinds or shutters) as they offer privacy without blocking out light when the curtain is open. Please note this is only during the daylight. Once it’s dark outside and you turn on a light the sheers become transparent from the outside.

          Another contemporary idea for sheers is to use them as a continuous backdrop in a room because they allow light and shapes to filter through, tying the room together without completely hiding architectural features.

          Sheers provide a soft relief in a room that already has a lot going on visually with busy patterns. They’re an excellent choice for tying together mismatched windows, or you can use them to break up large continuous windows into sections by bunching panels together. Sheers also make an elegant room divider if you have large open plan spaces.

          What rooms are sheers best in?

          Sheers are an ideal solution for any room that gets a lot of light but as they are made of fabric, may not be the best choice in the kitchen or bathroom with all that moisture and heat. As the main benefit of sheers is diffusing light while still retaining visibility outwards, sheers are an excellent addition to bedrooms and living spaces, especially those exposed to the road front or neighbouring properties.


          motorized blinds for sale


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            Custom Blinds Etobicoke

            Drapery Custom Sale


            If you’ve been brooding about transforming your home’s interior into something truly special, CRAZY JOESs of Etobicoke is here to assist . Our expert design team, paired with an array of stunning blinds, shades, shutters, drapery, and more creates the perfect home interior that enhances any room, or a whole home.

            From the newest styles and innovative fabrics, to a number of on-trend colors, we’ll show you ways fun and affordable it are often to upgrade your décor with the facility of the #1 provider of custom window coverings in North America. Our consultative process is meant around caring about you and your home.

            We make the whole experience easy and convenient as we bring the showroom to you with our FREE in-home design consultation. From those unique shaped windows to energy efficient treatments, and more,

            CRAZY JOESs does it all for you, with style and repair for any budget! We’re local and here to remain to make sure you’ve got peace of mind.

            motorized blinds for sale


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              NO ONE BEATS THE QUALITY OF CRAZY JOE’S ★ 50 Years In Business. Quality you can trust!